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Brain Activities for Patients With Dementia


Caring for a family member suffering from dementia can be quite challenging. Depending on the severity of their condition and other complications, they may need a lot of your time and attention. We are here to support you. Our Non-Medical Home Care Services share the load whenever possible.

For example, if you need to be doing something or when you need to head out, our caregivers can accompany your loved one. We also lead activities to keep them engaged throughout the day. There are different mind-stimulating activities we can explore with your loved ones.

  • Thinking activities exercise the mind without too much mobility required. This is ideal for loved ones who have trouble with their movement or simply do not like physical activities. Puzzles, games, or even reading literature can open their minds.
  • Physical activities can be done whenever possible and are safe for your loved ones. If your senior parent is the “active” kind of person, they would be engaged in our simple activities to move their muscles and brain. Taking a walk outside or indoors with arm and leg exercises can be engaging.
  • Social activities inspire the mind and heart. For example, visiting other family members or friends in the community can give them time and space to reconnect. We can also help your seniors with technology and apps for messaging.

If your loved one requires more focused attention, our Live-In Care in Virginia ensures their needs and well-being are on the priority list.

Magnolia Home Care LLC is your trusted Home Care in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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