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How Aging Affects Your Balance


A decline in balance is part of normal aging. There are plenty of causes that increase the risk of imbalance in older adults and this can lead to a risk of injury from falls. Dizziness can happen at any age but it can be more pronounced in older adults. A person’s frequency of dizziness is usually rooted in his or her balance.

Normal balance is dependent on many factors, including multiple systems of the body and external or environmental factors. The human body has three primary systems that work together to create postural stability – the vestibular system of the inner ear that coordinates with the visual system and proprioceptors that sense the movement and position of the body in a particular space.

However, when a person ages, physical and health changes occur. These lead to balance loss and eventual easy dizziness. Some physical and health changes that cause balance loss associated with aging include impaired inner ear function, declining cardiovascular health, neurological disease, arthritis, and impaired vision. Nutrition and mental status in seniors can also affect balance. This is why our live-in care in Virginia offers help to them by providing home care.

Imbalance caused by an impaired inner ear function and neurological diseases is usually the most common. Thus, it is important for seniors to have regular checkups with their doctors. Our home care in Fredericksburg, Virginia can also help facilitate the provision of necessary assistance and care for the prevention of injuries caused by vertigo or dizziness.

If you want to know more about aging affects your balance and the importance of home care, call Magnolia Home Care LLC today! We offer reliable non-medical home care services.

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