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How to Keep Your Senior’s Hair Clean and Fresh


Keeping our hair clean and fresh is part of personal grooming and hygiene. If you are the family’s caregiver, you may notice your senior loved one’s hair needing some maintenance and upkeep. The situation can be challenging but when done, your senior parent will feel lighter and better when their hair is proper.

Here are some tips you can try to manage your loved one’s hair.

  • Limit the number of hair washes. The frequency of washing can be reduced to the needed times when cleanliness needs an improvement. Frequent washing exposes the hair to active ingredients and dries it up.
  • Choose smarter washing products. Dry shampoos coat your senior’s hair. As the hair is cleansed, oil, odors, and dead skin are absorbed. You can also ask about gentler ingredients in the product to avoid irritating vulnerable skin.
  • Avoid forceful towel drying. Shaking the water off the hair using any towel can damage the hair strands. Instead, gently let the towel absorb water without undue pressure and expose it to the air for some time.

If you need any help, you can call Home Care in Fredericksburg, Virginia to support your loved one’s personal hygiene and grooming.

We also provide options for Live-In Care in Virginia when the family prefers a more focused provider.

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