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Hygiene and Grooming Tips for the Elderly


Good personal hygiene equates to a healthy body. However, due to old age, daily grooming and bathing can be difficult for seniors, particularly for seniors with mobility issues or dementia. Hence, assistance is important for them to stay healthy and clean. Here are some useful tips to support them during bath and grooming time:

  • Use assistive devices and safety equipment that will encourage them to be independent while bathing and grooming as much as possible
  • Use skin care products that are gentle and moisturizing to prevent skin dryness and rashes
  • Take into consideration the person’s preference and health condition

If you are looking for live-in care in Virginia, you are in the right hands. We provide care and supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet our client’s personal needs inside the comfort of their homes. In line with this, our grooming services will ensure that your loved one is fresh and clean at all times, while at the same time maintaining their independence.

Magnolia Home Care LLC is a provider of home care in Fredericksburg, Virginia where our services are designed and planned according to the personal needs and preferences of our clients. It is our goal to help them achieve a healthy and meaningful life.

For inquiries about our non-medical home care services, you may contact us at 540-287-1705, or visit our website at https://magnolia-homecare.com/. We are happy to serve you.

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