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Early Signs of Dementia You Might’ve Already Encountered


Perhaps, you have heard of ‘senior moments’ ? short instances of forgetfulness you often witness among the elderly, even in younger people. There’s nothing to worry about senior moments as they don’t often indicate underlying health concerns. However, early signs of dementia may also manifest as senior moments, and you might have already seen them.

But what’s the difference between dementia symptoms and senior moments?

For years, Magnolia Home Care LLC has been providing home care in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and we have cared for several dementia patients. Your senior loved ones may display symptoms of dementia if you notice one or more of these:

  • Social Withdrawal
    People with dementia may have a hard time remembering names, including their friends or families, due to short-term memory loss. This becomes difficult for them to socialize and build meaningful conversations.
  • Confusion with Time and Location
    If your parents/grandparents often forget when it is or where they are, there might be an underlying bigger health concern.
  • Speech Impediments
    Some people with early stages of dementia may show changes in their speeches, such as stuttering or taking time to find the right word to use.
  • Cognitive Decline
    Dementia can affect the brain’s cognition and reasoning significantly. You might have to seek help if your loved one struggles with basic mathematical problems or counting numbers in order.

Dementia is a progressive disease that requires proper attention. Personalized non-medical home care services are needed to address the unique needs of dementia patients right in their homes.

If you are looking for dementia and live-in care in Virginia for your loved one, you have come to the right place. Reach us today!

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