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Familiarity – An Aid to Ease the Stress of Dementia Patients


Dementia patients are better off aging in place with home care in Fredericksburg, Virginia than in an assisted living facility. Simply put, the familiarity of the surroundings helps put them at ease and minimizes any behavioral problems that usually arise due to their condition.

We all thrive on familiarity, but dementia patients need it more. Alzheimer’s Disease, for example, progressively damages the parts of the brain that controls short-term memory. This means that these individuals are unable to process short-term information. Constant changes to their environment will only cause confusion, leading to stress and the destructive behavior they use to cope.

That’s why live-in care in Virginia is the only ideal avenue for aging for people with dementia. Alzheimer’s Disease does not damage the parts of the brain that are managing long-term memory. Thus, they will definitely remember and be familiar with a house they’ve lived in for many years before their dementia.

This is also why caregivers must be able to iron out a daily routine for their charges. Once the patient becomes familiar with the daily routine, this information becomes long-term memory and is not easily forgotten. It takes time and a lot of work, but the reduced stress for everyone in the house is certainly worth the effort.

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