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Helping Older Adults Stay Mentally Sharp


With the imminent cognitive decline of seniors, we must help them stay mentally sharp. Constantly practicing their cognitive abilities through activities and exercises helps stimulate their brain activity and soften the blow of aging. Through these activities, we can help them attain overall solid cognitive health.

  • Learning Something New

    Our brain activity is stimulated when we learn something new. New information challenges our memory and our ability to retain information. Seniors can try to pick up new hobbies, read new books, and even learn a new language if they want! It’s important to note that this works better if they enjoy what they are learning.

  • Puzzles

    Puzzles help practice seniors’ analytical skills. With puzzles, they get to have fun while giving their brains something to tinker around with. This forces them to figure out problems, thereby forcing them to think and hone their problem-solving abilities.

  • Being Physically Fit

    With a good diet and regular exercise, seniors can keep their minds healthy. Physical activity has been shown to help the brain learn and remember better. Moreover, exercise has also been observed to retain old neural connections in the brain. If seniors have difficulty exercising, we can accompany them through their routine, or we can seek help from non-medical home care services.

These are just some of the many activities we can do to help seniors with their brain health. With live-in care in Virginia, you can help your senior loved ones do these.

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