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Make Your Bathroom Safe for Seniors


The bathroom always gets wet and slippery, which is why it is prone to fall accidents. It is also full of hard surfaces and pointy edges that can cause injuries, so it is not a safe space for seniors.

As one of the leading providers of home care in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we are experts when it comes to senior home safety. To help you keep your senior loved ones safe inside the bathroom, here are some fall-proofing techniques that you can follow:

  • For a safe shower experience, use handheld showerheads and shower chairs, so they don’t have to stand up while bathing. If you have a bathtub, add grab bars with locks onto the side of the tub to assist them when stepping in and out.
  • Provide toilet safety frames with arms to give them a helpful guide. Raised toilet seats are also recommended, so they don’t have to bend too low. Add non-slip floor mats around the toilet and in every inch of the bathroom, if possible.
  • It is also important to note that everything in the bathroom is slippery, including shampoo bottles, showerheads, and many more. You need to add grip to these things, so they don’t slip from your senior’s hands.

Magnolia Home Care LLC offers top-quality live-in care in Virginia. We will make sure your senior loved ones are safe, comfortable, and happy at home. Our caregivers have been trained to assure that seniors get the care they need and deserve.

For non-medical home care services, feel free to reach out to us. Trust us when we say that you are in good hands.

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